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by erapip
21 Jan 2020, 19:57
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: Helmet
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Re: Helmet

Yes, real helmet. I used the 240mm calibration panel for the first time. RMS numbers below 0,1 (!) 2x IS-cameras with computar 12mm, Optoma ML750, and "IKEA manual turnatable". As usual :-) How did you manage to use 2xIS camera? When i try to connect one always freezes. What model do you use? Thank...
by erapip
03 Jan 2020, 16:09
Forum: Show your setup
Topic: Gromagic Wrap
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Re: Gromagic Wrap

Why do you say it is better than doing it completely in David? Is the alignment in Wrap faster or more accurate than David? I think he meant that alignment there is sometimes a little easier, because three points are done. But my opinion is that if the scan is initially “crooked” - then in what pro...
by erapip
02 Jan 2020, 14:15
Forum: Show your setup
Topic: Gromagic Wrap
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Gromagic Wrap

First happy new year 2020 for all of you. I try to do the following workflow: export scan as obj--->import in G.Wrap and perform a global Aligment-->export as obj-->make the Fusion 1500, -2 back i DAVID and it was better than doing only from DAVID. WHAT IS YOUR ECPERIENCE ON THESE WORKFLOW? REGARDS
by erapip
02 Oct 2019, 19:41
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: Some of my scans
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Re: Some of my scans

Super details. Compliments
by erapip
13 Sep 2019, 19:18
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: Handrest
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Re: Handrest

Handrest for a Swedish fighter jet: Quite easy job. As usual 2x DMK 23UX236 with Computar 12mm and Optoma 750e. RMS of 0,11 and 0,08. Calibration panels HP at 120mm. DIY Rotary table. Mostly stereo mode except for the cavity (extended mode). Hello martan, Very good scan? Have you 3D Print the first...
by erapip
25 Apr 2019, 19:53
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: A few scans
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Re: A few scans

Nice scan erol. How do you align the two sides of the gear together. If possible to show some picture of the scan setup
by erapip
05 Apr 2019, 04:48
Forum: Structured light scanning
Topic: Scan speed
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Re: Scan speed

Hello DenKor.
I also use a Nikon+50mm lens, and a Blackmagic HDMI for scanning. Have an HP cal pannel, but never get lower than 0.5 of RMS. Instead with same setup but with industrial cammera it reach 0.2. I dont know why, and if anyone alse has done these tests.

by erapip
15 Sep 2018, 19:40
Forum: Commercial showcase
Topic: Body Scan with High Details
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Re: Body Scan with High Details

Im interestead for a body scan system. Where can i find more information of your solution?

@Micr0 where to find the new forum?

Regards to all!
by erapip
02 Jun 2018, 22:14
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: A Few Hardware Scans
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Re: A Few Hardware Scans

As always Micr0 beautiful scans :P
What is the purpouse of it?
Im sharing one of my last scan. Hope you like it.
by erapip
02 Jun 2018, 22:10
Forum: Show your latest scan
Topic: Finally a worthy scan!
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Re: Finally a worthy scan!

Nice scan Alonso,
What do you think about HP3D scan software! Does it worth it? Can the long time and effort for having good results, make it an appropiate option for offering 3d service?

What is the main use of 3d scan datta? If its for RE what software do you use?

Thanks for sharing!