FlexScan3D modified Version (perfect support for Directshow and WebCam)

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Re: FlexScan3D modified Version (perfect support for Directshow and WebCam)

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greenskynet wrote: 10 Feb 2023, 14:55 thank you madin for your suggestion 😍😍
I just searched about Esp8266 , it is a Wi-Fi microchip, and it has microcontroller capability, that means it is something like a Arduino + WiFi module.
it is very interesting. but I think it is not a common board. is it available in all locations and countries? its origin is China.
ESP32 has better performances:
You can find it almost everywhere: amazon, aliexpress, ebay...

An interesting application to a 360 photo turntable, developed outside of the arduino IDE:

edit: I just realized that photopizza.org in no longer available. I built one for fun and it is a nice turntable, but never used for 3D scanning.
Btw ESP modules are quite common, for instance in the house automation. You can find them in commercial switches (shelly, sonoff, and so on). And you can use them for "hacking" cheap IKEA IOT stuff.
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Re: FlexScan3D modified Version (perfect support for Directshow and WebCam)

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New Update is ready 😎
in this update I focused on automation and turntable.

1-I've added a GUI control for two axis turntable. Now it is very convenient to control the turntable manually and full automatically.
2-Now natively I have support for HP/David turntable in modified version of FlexScan3D. it is a good news for old HP/David users who migrated to FlexScan3D software.
3-linear axis table is available (I will prepare hardware and make a tutorial for it).

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