HP 3D Scan Version 5.6.0 is out

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HP 3D Scan Version 5.6.0 is out

Post by alioguler » 22 Jan 2019, 10:00


2018-01-09: What's New in HP 3D Scan Version 5.6.0
New Features:
+ Software now automatically checks the calibration accuracy after performing a scan and warns the user if the system needs to be recalibrated

* Switching to the Shapefusion tab on Sprout will now dim the projector to minimize screen glare while aligning and fusing scans
* Updating HP 3D Automatic Turntable Pro (DAVID TT-1) driver to version
* Localization updates
* Minor UI improvements

* Unchecking "Connect turntable" button while turntable is rotating on Sprout should no longer crash
* Stopping/Killing Sprout's SoHAL service should no longer crash the software
* Clicking the retry button after Sprout's SoHAL service is restored will now properly reconnect to SoHAL
* If a camera is disconnected while the software is scanning an error message will now appear to inform the user
* System no longer allows a scan to start after the cameras have been disconnected
* Turntable scan sequence will now stop if the user disconnects a turntable mid-sequence
* System now detects turntable disconnection when system is placed in a forced sleep/hibernate
* Turntable will now correctly show up as disconnected after waking up from sleep
* System no longer hangs on first turntable scan when waking up from hibernate
* System no longer hangs on scanning after waking up from hibernate
* System no longer crashes when showing License and Version info while language is set to Italian

Download link: http://www.david-3d.com/en/support/downloads

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Re: HP 3D Scan Version 5.6.0 is out

Post by Micr0 » 23 Jan 2019, 00:26

Thanks for the heads up.

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