DIY Structured Light code

Write here about construction, ideas, equipment, tips n tricks etc. related to structured light scanning
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DIY Structured Light code

Post by SHL4917 » 29 Oct 2019, 11:31

Hi guys, I was looking into understanding the theory behind SL scans found this source on making a DIY 3D scanner:

Have anyone had any success with the calibration procedure? I can't seem to get the code to calibrate my projector correctly, the camera and projector always end up pointing in the opposite direction when shown using the camera position function (provided in the code).

Also, are there any good sources on using openCV to implement projector-camera calibration? I appreciate the help!

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Re: DIY Structured Light code

Post by mading » 30 Oct 2019, 10:29

An Open source code is something very interesting, and I hope somebody will start soon a similar project.
Just in case you missed it, I found this video on the theory behind light scanning very interesting: ... dex=3&t=0s

Many brands are offering systems based on projectors and cameras, but a fully open-source and customized system is still not something I'm aware of.
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