Waves/Ripples with DavidScan SLS-2

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Re: Waves/Ripples with DavidScan SLS-2

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Of course this question would come up :D

I can't remember exactly which setting it was...I've since moved on to FlexScan3D!

It's definitely in advanced settings...I'd suggest poking around in the StructuredLight drop down. It's easy to see what you've changed as the Reset button next to the setting gets highlighted
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Re: Waves/Ripples with DavidScan SLS-2

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I use these settings - with them the best result was obtained on three different cameras (YW500U3M, Mindvision SUA630M and Daheng MER630) and the scan speed was higher than with the "Quality" setting:
HP settings 01
HP settings 01
HP settings 02
HP settings 02
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