Daheng cameras and FlexScan3D

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Daheng cameras and FlexScan3D

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Hi everyone
As I described in the other topic of the forum (viewtopic.php?p=4895#p4895), modified version of FlexScan3D can support Daheng cameras.
Daheng cameras have very good quality at an affordable price. Also available world widely and easy to buy.
The result of scaning using Daheng cameras in modified version FlexScan3D is excellent.

In our Telegram group Mr. Leo started using two "Daheng MER2-630-60U3M" cameras for scanning in modified version FLexScan3D and in the following video you can see his scanner setup, turntable and finally his scan result. The scan quality is really good.

🟢 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3TpsNqHfL0 🟢

Daheng MER2-630-60U3M cameras
Daheng 12mm LENS HN-P-1228-6M-C2/3
Acer K132 projector

If you are interested to see more built scanner setups and scan results, or if you want to know more about modified version of FLexScan3D, you can join our Telegram group and directly contact to many people there about their devices and results: https://t.me/DIY_3D_Scanner
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