AI depth map estimation for meshroom

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AI depth map estimation for meshroom

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I was recently doing a photoscan of a bin using Meshroom, as you do. And was looking at the amount of time spent on depth map estimation for each image. I had around 50 photos although it still took a few hours, granted the system is a little old. I then looked up how Meshroom estimates depth maps, and was baffled by how confusing it was.

I was thinking, in the day and age where AI is everywhere, would it be possible to use an AI to estimate depth maps using AI. I made a model in tensorflow the other day, within hours and was a piece of cake to make. Would it be possible to integrate that instead of the current node in Meshroom? There is a multitude of advantages:
- Would mean that anyone could use mushroom, not just people with a CUDA GPU, people could even run photoscan jobs only on the CPU.
- Would be drastically faster than the current method. Using a Nvidia K80 (inside google colab) I could process each image in less than a second. Much faster than the roughly minute it takes with the current method.
- Would not require downscaling, like the current method. Meaning more data can be fed to the next node.

Please feel free to tell me why this would not work.

Thanks in advance,
Tom. :-)
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