which 3d scanner?

Talking about a 3d scanner that doesn't fit into one of the other scanning methods? Here is the right place!
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which 3d scanner?

Post by erol »

We are planning to take 3d scanner for our company (max 10000$)

We are interested in EinScan Pro 2X 3d scanner. İs there any one using this 3d scanner?

Which one? HP Pro S3 with dual camera or EinScan Pro 2X. Do you have another 3d scanner that you advice?

We scan vehicle pistons dia 60mm to dia 170mm. Accuracy must max 0.05mm
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Re: which 3d scanner?

Post by Alonso »

Have you looked into the scanners by polyga?


They use Flexscan3D, another well developed 3d scanning software
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Re: which 3d scanner?

Post by Micr0 »

I've played around with the EinScan (not the 2x). It works but I found the calibration to be a PIA. That said David seems more sensitive to calibration errors. The EinScan is convenient in that its a hand held but I find David to be far more flexible and captures much more detail. Once set up for a particular job Again I find David to be faster. The capture rate on the EinScan isn't very fast. By comparison my Artec Eva was easily 3x faster, if not quite as good at some of the finer detail. I guess it depends on what you want to scan most.
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