3D Scanning Honda Civic 2018

What have you scanned recently?
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3D Scanning Honda Civic 2018

Post by Khalid »

I started scanning of my Car, I hope in the weekend I shall be able to 3D scan the required areas..Then the difficult process of re-topology and surface extraction shall be done and later new 3D models shall be generated for the added parts....I am thinking to completely scan the car and then 3D print the scaled model..add new additional/modified parts on the scale model to take the feel of it...
The purpose is to add some external parts (CNC machined/3D printed) to make it some different look...Later, if I like the same the mold shall be made for fiberglass work...
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Re: 3D Scanning Honda Civic 2018

Post by Micr0 »

Cool. I did a number of cans of Ford pickups and Jeeps for an aftermarket company that is in the same complex . They used the scans to create contoured mounts for the LED lights they sold. I just provided the raw meshes and they had another company do the surface extraction.

I'm very interested in what you are doing. Please post more as you go along.

Are you using a David SLS system or your own hardware?
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