First scans with lowbudget rig

What have you scanned recently?
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Re: First scans with lowbudget rig

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Tzk wrote: 31 Aug 2020, 15:35 Having to use specific cameras and the limit of 3mpix doesn't sound that great. I'm still interested in your results with the new software.
At the moment, I still cannot use the new software, since the cameras that it supports will come to me (approximately) only in two to three weeks.
So far, I have assembled a "temporary house" :D from my new JmGO J6S projector and old YW500U3M cameras, to which I screwed new 10MP ZLKC F2.8 16mm lenses - and I liked the result even from changing the projector from HD to FullHD (a new projector with a large DMD matrix 0.47 "and native 1920 * 1080 gives a cleaner picture, without flickering micromirrors, as was seen on an old projector)
JmGO J6S+YW500U3M cameras +10MP ZLKC F2.8 16mm lenses
JmGO J6S+YW500U3M cameras +10MP ZLKC F2.8 16mm lenses
Also, so far, all tests were carried out only in HP3DScan
Tzk wrote: 31 Aug 2020, 15:35 I just finished building my 420mm panels and just placed them on the ground with some tape. The first alignment gave me a RMS value of 0.097 and i'm still very close to the panels. I'm a bit confused as micr0 talked about RMS 1 to 1.3 above, especially with big panels. So that confirms that RMS mostly depends on the size of the donuts on the image taken, i guess?

The panels are made from melamine chipboard and i used spray adhesive (or whatever pattex is called...) to glue the 100g paper to them. Works great so far.
I can’t say anything here, since the largest panel I have for HP3DScan is only 110mm
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Re: First scans with lowbudget rig

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