Hi everyone,I have some questions

You don't know yet, which scanning system to buy or build or if 3d scanning is for you at all? Ask here!
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Hi everyone,I have some questions

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I have a PrimeSense Carmine 1.09 camera (to be precise, ASUS XTION PRO LIVE/B/U somatosensory camera). I also have an iPhone13, a Mac mini 2011 version (the processor is Intel i5 runs macOS10.15, no discrete graphics card), a laptop (processor is 5th-generation Intel core i3 5010U, running Windows8.1 system, no discrete graphics card) devices are relatively easy to move, if I want to To model elsewhere, which device do you recommend? ( I don't consider the power supply and other problems, only consider the output effect) and I just came into contact with 3D scanning. I used the iPhone's own lidar before, and I have never used this kind of camera. What software should I use to scan (can you recommend some of the best effects? Free is not required, but of course it's better to have free software). I'm looking forward to it and thank you for your answer.
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Re: Hi everyone,I have some questions

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You most declare what software you are going to use for modeling. Most of Engineering CAD softwares don't need high end graphic cards, and specially the CAD softwares from Dassault Systems company work well on integrated GPU of laptops, but if you want to use a Nvidia GPU, you must consider a Quadro or RTX GPU, the other GPU from Nvidia (like GTX and ...) are not well matched with CAD softwares and you may experience lags and strange issues.

The CPU, sure the INTEL is the best choice and generally AMD architect, both for CPU and GPU is not a good (or best) choice for modeling and CAD and also for 3D scanning. You must invest on Intel CPUs.

RAM is critical. these days, 16GB of RAM is very common, but if you want to work on light projects, even 4GB RAM may work for you.

For disk drive, surely SSD is the first and last priority and NvMe is the best choice. they are cheaper and faster and also smaller in size.

The monitor most not be very glossy. they are very harmful for eyes. use matte display panels. and always use Dark template.

The keyboard must have numbers pad on the right side of the panel, so you can enter numbers faster and more accurately.

for 3D scanning, and choosing a scanner, there are many parameters, like, what items are you going to scan, what accuracy and details do you expect from your scans, your budget, the working environment and condition and ...
you can go for DIY scanners or commercial scanner based on your need and potential
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