5k eur setup

You don't know yet, which scanning system to buy or build or if 3d scanning is for you at all? Ask here!
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5k eur setup

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Im working at a 3d scanning company in the netherlands. Since a while the requests for high resolution scans of small parts have became more common. So we are looking for a 3d scanner which can provide us with this.

Currently we have 3Shape Q800 which scans fine, but the software and the lack of control in the software is keeping us from using it to its full potential. Recently i saw a great scan on LinkedIn using 2 monochrome cameras and FlexScan3D.

Our budget is 5k but we need an easy to use and realiable solution. We want to reach sub 0.05mm resolution with good accuracy ofcourse.

Anyone who can recommend us some?

Thanks alot.
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