Hardware recommendation

You don't know yet, which scanning system to buy or build or if 3d scanning is for you at all? Ask here!
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Hardware recommendation

Post by tommy11490 » 25 Apr 2017, 17:45

Hello friends,

im completely blown away about what a great scans you guys achieved from custom SL 3d scanners. Im totally conviced to build one SLS too. Im running 3D printing company and i think of a scanner as a next step in my businnes.

Could give me any advices with the hardware? My main intention is scanning of automotive and motorcycle parts, lets say from 100x100mm to 500x500mm with reasonable precision.

I was thinking about spending 1000e-1500e (without david software (HP Scan)). Could you recomend me combination of:

1. camera(industrial? ccd/cmos?rolling shutter/global shutter?)
2. camera lens
3. projector (projector lenses for short distance?)

for this price range which will give me the best quality? Id be rather starting with one camera setup with possibility of expanding to stereo mode in the future.

Im newbie in terms of photography/lenses etc, but i have fairly good knowledge of enginnering, CAD moddeling...

Regards, Thomas

edit: there is a seller of DMK/DFK.. industrial cameras in my area, so i would preffer to buy these

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Re: Hardware recommendation

Post by Micr0 » 26 Apr 2017, 14:04

The simple answer is that if you are running a 3D company and want to just get up and running, buy the David SLS kit that fits your budget. It removes a lot of thinking from the process. If you want to build your own system because you like the challenge, then you should really do some more research here or on the old David forum. When building your own system, knowing your hardware well will be a big help when troubleshooting. Plus there is more to it than just buying XYZ, plugging it in and expecting great results. There are also pro's and con's in every decision, and my recommendations will be different than anyone else's.

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Re: Hardware recommendation

Post by Oteck » 26 Apr 2017, 22:17

My take is it will be expensive if you want to jump right into it... I'd play around with webcams or SLR (if you have one) to get a feel for it because it will become a very expensive learning curve.

1. monochrome cmos is most prefered with global shutter, anything in that combination will be very expensive especially if you want to shoot above 1080P HD. I'm using stuff from astrology as they can handle low light noise much better. USB or HDMI as i've heard sketchy things using firewire under dual mode. So expect to spend 2x more if you go dual camera

2. camera lens depends entirely on the projector viewing angle. if you can play around with zoom lenses they are versatile but flawed around the edges (barrel distortion). the lower the focal range the less flaw it will have, if you manage to dial in the perfect focal length / camera sensor size you can stick with a prime (non-zoom) lens. Very good optics will be expensive and you'll have to match them by lens media size with the camera sensor size.

3. Seeing he wants to scan large objects he'd first need a very bright/good projector which would be in the upward of $800+ like the LG PF1500W or the HF80JA so there goes half your budget...

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