Help needed automating reality capture processing

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Help needed automating reality capture processing

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Hi There

I'm reaching out for a buddy who is being run ragged by his current Reality capture workflow, and desperately needs it automating!
I'm not proficient in this space so apologies in advance for any technical errors in my explanation, here's what he needs:
His current workflow looks like this:
Leica/Fara > Capture Reality > Maya

He would like a script ( and some help/advice setting this up) thats automates the import and processing of the leica/fara data in Reality Capture.
At the moment he has to manually set up and start the reality capture processing and would like an automated process to work through the leica/fara imports whilst he out 'in the field' capturing the data.

We're not programmers so would need a little help installing any scripts to do this, but would obviously compensate anyone who is willing to help.
Please reach out If you think you can put together a solution for us.
Happy to jump on call if you'd like to discuss further :)
Thanks in advance
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