Reverse Engineering

Discussions about software for post-processing, usage of 3d scans and everything else you might do after you have scanned an object.
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Re: Reverse Engineering

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Geomagic plugin for solidworks is amazing! So is scan to solid works addin.
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Re: Reverse Engineering

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my Low-Cost process chain consists of:

-David/HP Scan for scanning & fusion
-Autodesk ReMake & Meshmixer for repair and cleaning the mesh
-Blender for remodeling details of the mesh if necessary
-Meshlab for final analysis & checking the mesh for watertightness
-Geomagic Desing (ex Alibre, the cheap one without the "X" ;-) for converting a watertight mesh into a solid that can be modified and again exported as STL (or e.g. STEP or IGES if you need a BREP for the following process)
-Simplify3D for printing the STL on a 3D printer

Reverse Engineering comes in may flavours. The above mentioned process I used to simply scan, modify (slightly) and print parts. If you e.g. want to recover the design intent (parametric) from a scanned part, you sure have to spend more in terms of time and money.
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