Nimble Track Wireless 3d scanning from 3DRE

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Nimble Track Wireless 3d scanning from 3DRE

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Powerful. Speedy. Agile. Welcome to the new scanning system that’s taking precision to another level.
NimbleTrack Wireless 3D Scanning System: Optimal Precision in Measurement

Say hello to a compact and highly maneuverable device that leverages sophisticated on-board processors and a built-in battery. Users are liberated from the constraints of wired setups and get a chance to enjoy true mobility in 3D scanning. ... ng-system/

Email us at for pricing and we ship in the USA and Canada.


Completely Wireless System
Experience the freedom of untethered operations with both the 3D scanner and optical tracker. No cables required.

Target-Free Measurement
Avoid the hassle of placing targets with advanced target-free scanning capabilities.

High Performance
Achieve a high frame rate of 120 FPS for seamless scanning.

Compact and Portable
The NimbleTrack’s lightweight design, at only 1.3 kg for the scanner, allows effortless transportation and operation.

Extended Measurement Range
Cover a large volume of up to 49 m³.

CFFIM Technology
Utilizing carbon fiber frame integrated molding technology, the NimbleTrack scanner offers enhanced stability and resistance to thermal variation.

Dual Power System
The integrated battery in the scanner and standard batteries in the tracker ensure prolonged operation periods. Enjoy high productivity and efficiency.

High Precision
Attain supreme accuracy levels and enhanced quality of data collection. The NimbleTrack scanner achieves up to 0.020 mm, and the tracker up to 0.025 mm.

Automated Measurement Compatibility
Compatible with various robotic systems for automated measurements, this scanner simplifies the integration into batch measurement setups.
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Re: Nimble Track Wireless 3d scanning from 3DRE

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I moved this post here because I thought it was more appropriate. I'd like to see some examples of the scans from these machines. For me, specifically the handheld scanners like the Simscan. It would be nice if you had .stl or .obj files on you website showing the capabilities of your scanners, such as detail, and resolution.

P.S. Price or at least price range as well. I'm really sick of the "request a quote" nonsense of VAR networks. It's shady and outdated.
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