New 3D scanner on Kickstarter with 8M cameras

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New 3D scanner on Kickstarter with 8M cameras

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Hi to all,
There is new 3D scanner on Kickstarter, simple to use, supremely accurate, and affordable

Review: ... l-barriers

Kickstarter: ... %20scanner

Youtube channel: ... N-Q/videos

Scan Volume (Cylindrical):
•120mm diameter x 75mm tall (standard).
•40mm diameter x 40mm tall (super resolution).
•Scan repeatability:
± 12 µm (standard).
± 4 µm (super resolution).
•Mesh density: adjustable from 25µm to 150µm
•Operating temperature: 20⁰C ± 5 ⁰C
Scan Time (typical)
•1 min typical (standard).
•6 min typical (super resolution).
Note: scan times can increase depending on the complexity of the object and the number of scan angles taken.
Hardware Features
•2 axis rotation stage.
•Structured light projection with 2 x 8MP cameras.
•Dimensions (l w h): 24.6 x 25.8 x 22.5 cm (approx. 10” x 10” x 9”)
•Weight (scanner only): <3.5 kg
•Storage temperature: 5 ⁰C to 60 ⁰C
•Operational in ambient lighting up to 1500 lux.

Software Control
•1 click calibration.
•1 click scanning.
•Preset or customisable scan angles.
•Output formats: PLY, OBJ (colour), and STL.
•Optional shadow filling by adding extra scans from any viewpoint.
•Automatic mesh cleaning, hole filling, compression, and floating noise removal.
Minimum PC Requirements
•Windows 10
•8 GB RAM (16 GB may be required for full 40mm x40mm super resolution scanning).
•1280x720 screen.
•Supports OpenGL 3.1
Note: Mac with “Windows Parallels” is not sufficient.
Power Supply
•Input Voltage: AC 110V – 240V, 50/60Hz, converted to 5V 6A.
•AC Adapter supplied with UK compatible power cord.
•Power consumption: 25W typical.
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