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First thanks to the 3DScan Forum for making a sub-forum for us here.

-- I posted this in the root forum, but i'll repeat it here. Please note, we don't officially monitor this forum, so for support, or other commercial questions, please contact us via our website. :geek:

We’re Polyga and the current developers of FlexScan3D, a 3D scanner prototyping software package similar to David. It’s primarily been used for building custom and OEM industrial scanning systems of all types. It's powered thousands of scanners for industrial application so the application is quite mature and robust.

We’ve offered FlexScan3D primarily for industrial / professional applications and are evaluating to see if there’s interest to also make it available for education and DIY’ers. We haven’t decided how to best offer the software, or to price it but our goal would be to try to make it accessible to education and DIY applications so we’re gauging interest from existing DAVID users.

We currently support PTGrey/Flir and Basler machine vision cameras in a stereo configuration with most HDMI / DLP projectors. We’re seeing if there's interest in possible support for Imaging Source / DAVID cameras. We likely will not support webcams though...

If you’re interested in trying out the software package and have compatible machine vision camera hardware. We can send you a 60 day trial version, email contact@polyga.com and mention this forum.

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