FS3D - Now available

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Re: FS3D - Now available

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The cameras from daheng imaging from www.get-cameras.com do work. The trick is that you have to install the directshow driver. When you install the Galaxy SDK (you can download it from their download page), the industrial camera is recognized as a directshow camera. If you use 2 cameras, you also need to download and install the multicamera directshow plugin. See yellow markings in screenshot from their download page.

Industrial cameras are always delivered without a lens. You can use the lenscalculator https://www.get-cameras.com/Lenscalculator to determine the right focal lenght and than you can buy the correct lens.

If you need any support on it, you can also contact their support department. They react very fast.
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Re: FS3D - Now available

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did you tested personally?
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Re: FS3D - Now available

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Is the Lite version not available anymore? I went to the website to check the price as i was just about ready to grab a license.. and i can't find it now.
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Re: FS3D - Now available

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I'd suggest emailing them directly. They are pretty responsive.

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