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Advanced user of Flexscan3D - 1st Post

Posted: 29 Apr 2018, 18:45
by Popex
Hello, this is my 1st post! I'm from Argentina and I have an SLS mounted with Flexscan3D, with 2 Point Gray 2mp cameras (GRAS-20S4M-C), 5mp Fujinon lenses (HF12.5SA-1) and an Optoma HD66 projector.

The SLS I have it mounted on a support CNC machined aluminum and a carbon fiber pipe, all this gives an excellent rigidity.

I will be posting in the forum to be transmitting my knowledge, exchange knowledge and be able to help and supernarnos day by day.

I see that many use David, which I did not have the opportunity to use. It simply does not convince me that the accuracy of the SLS depends on the angle of the calibration panels. It seems to me that this makes the SLS very bulnerable. Anyway, this is a prejudice, I repeat, I have never used David.

The version I use of Flexscan3D is 3.1.9. Why? Because this is the latest version released by 3D3 Solutions before being acquired by LMI (Gom). They will ask what's wrong? LMI (Gom) when acquiring 3D3 Solutions, what it did was to stop all kinds of progress and development of the SLS to compete with the industrial SLS (Gom in particular). For example: Before LMI acquired 3D3 Solutions, Flexscan3D could be calibrated with a circle template. Actualemte can only be calibrated with chessboard. And with a pattern of circles you get better precision than with a chessboard ;).

In short, I will be posting on aligned and projectors, giving more examples of how LMI fresno the development of 3D3 Solutions.

Re: Advanced user of Flexscan3D - 1st Post

Posted: 30 Apr 2018, 03:36
by Micr0
Welcome to the forum. It's good to have a Flex user here. Most of the posters here, as you know, are David users with one or two other scanner types represented. I for one was curious as to the quality and consistency of calibration of Flexscan vs David. The accuracy of Davids calibration isn't strictly based on the angle of the corner however the more accurate the panels the better David calibration is and the better the results of scanning :o . This is despite the supposed compensation that the software is alleged to do if the calibration panels are slightly less than perfect.