Trial with Flexscan crashes..

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Trial with Flexscan crashes..

Post by gkrywusha »

Hey there,

I just received a quick trial for Flexscan 3D and I'm having nothing but issues. I made the calibration panel, and set up my Acer K132 and Imaging Source DMK 23UX236s.

I finally worked out calibration and went to try my first scan. The scanner runs the light patterns and when it starts to process... it crashes. Just stops working and back to desktop. I've tried it repeatedly and the same thing. Tried recalibrating then scanning and... same thing. My system shouldn't be a problem - Windows 10 - 32gigs of ram, Nvidia 2080 gfx.

I only have 5 days to see if this is something that works for me beyond David/HpScan. Right now, though, I'm at a loss.

Any thoughts of advice?
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Re: Trial with Flexscan crashes..

Post by contactpolyga »

If it's crashing on process likely the images captured are bad. Just do a capture only scan and have a look at the images to see what you're getting. You've got a rolling shutter camera, so you need to extend the projector timings so you're getting rolling shutter artifacts.
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Re: Trial with Flexscan crashes..

Post by martan »

I was running the MSI Afterburner/Riva tuner för my RTX2080. One of them or both caused FlesScan to crash.
Disabled these and all was good.
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