HD+3Mp / Full HD+5Mp

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HD+3Mp / Full HD+5Mp

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I would like to build a SLS system for scanning medium size objects ( 20cm).
I will use FlexScan3D software.

Is the FullHD projector + 5 megapixel camera much better than HD projector + 3 megapixel camera?
If there is not a huge difference in the quality between these two systems, than I would go with the lower resolution scanning setup.

System 1:
Projector - Optoma ML550e ( 1280x800px)
Camera - Basler acA2040-55um: 3.0MP, 1/1.8″ sensor ( 2048x1536px)
Lens: Basler C23-1620-5M-P f16mm

System 2:
Projector - LG PF50KA ( 1920x1080px)
Camera - Basler acA2440-75um: 5.0MP, 2/3″ sensor ( 2448x2048px)
Lens: Ricoh FL-CC1614-5M - F1.4/16mm

Can you give me your advice please?
Thank you
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Re: HD+3Mp / Full HD+5Mp

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Based on my own experience, I can only say that the resolution of cameras and the projector (in general) does not limit the detail, just with an HD projector with 3MP cameras, you will have to make more "small and "light" scans from a closer distance, than with a FullHD projector and 5MP cameras, which allow you to make fewer (but more "heavy") scans to obtain the same detail.
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