Photogrammetry Pipeline

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Photogrammetry Pipeline

Post by Versality »

Hi, we are working with a Retailer who wants us to digitise all their Shoes and Garments.(Turn them into 3d assets). After some research we found the best workflow would be to use Photogrammetry. We want to build a portable Photogrammetry studio which we can use onsite with any client. We watched this video - We want to create an indoor studio lighting setting with automatic turntables (small one for shoes) and larger for Garments(which will be clothed on Mannequins). Because we will be working with hundreds of garments and shoes we need as much of an automated pipeline as possible.

This is the list of equipment list we came up with to build this portable studio:
Hoya HD Circular Polarisation Filter
Godox Witstro Ring Flash AR400
ScanSpace Ar400 Ring Flash Polarisation Filter
Syrp Product Turntable
Syrp Genie II Linear
Colour Card
Manfrotto XPRO Ball Head
Manfrotto Element Monopod
Wimberley The PlampII
Two Way Stretch Black Fabric 5m
Studio Backdrop poles
Godox Wirelesh Flash Trigger
XTR Wireless Remote Control Flash Receiver

As we are new to this, we dont know if this is best setup. In the video above they use Ring Flash attached to the camera, that would be great for smaller objects like shoes, but for larger garments on Mannequins, would it be better to have studio lights either side? Or use both Studio Lights and Ring Flash on Camera?

Also, any suggestions on Cameras? Our budget is around $2k-$3k. For lenses we were told a prime 50mm lens?

Anybody have any advice as what the most cost effective/ and or best setup would be, any help would be very much appreciated.
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Re: Photogrammetry Pipeline

Post by bother »

Hi Graeme,
I followed the same steps as you and currently I am collecting the same equipment.
Have you by any chance already tested the Ring Flash on the bigger garnments? Did you need studio lights?
Can you share any advice on the setup?

I already am thinking of buying a custom made Turntable as the Syrp Genie has too strict weight limitations:
Horizontal operation max 7.4kg (16lbs)
Vertical operation max 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
Upside down or sideways operation max 4kg (8.8lbs)
Vertical counter weighted operation max 4kg (8.8lbs)
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