System Requirements for Rendering??? What is enough?

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System Requirements for Rendering??? What is enough?

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Good Afternoon,

I'm quite perplexed with my current situation, I have an Arctec Leo, and use Arctec Studio 18 and had a computer built to handle the rendering, alignment and fuse operations. However some of the projects can take nearly 24 hours to complete. Based on the system requirements from Arctec i believe this system is a at least a few steps ahead of their recommended requirements.

Watching the performance of the components i don't see any major spikes in temperature that were thermothrottle the cpu, the graphics card barely gets used, other than the ram hitting max shortly into the project i'm stumped.

Look forward to any suggestions or help.

Intel 12900k
ASUS ROG Strix z690-a Motherboard
128 GB ram
Video Card is only a Nvidia GTX 1080 TI
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Re: System Requirements for Rendering??? What is enough?

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Something is not right. There sounds like a configuration issue. I was using an artec Ava, to scan huge sculptures 3-4m High and wide. So big I had to use markers and scan in multiple pieces and the assembled scans were over 100gb. With a 64 gigabyte computer I'd run out of memory assembling all the scans (This was studio 15 IIRC). However, it never took me more than 20-30 minutes to Align, assemble, decimate or mesh scans. You should reach out to Artec tech support.
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