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Re: Projector recommendations

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illbefucd2 wrote: 23 May 2019, 11:58
DenKor wrote: 13 May 2019, 10:01 Hello! I have LG PF1500G (06/2018). Minimum focal length is 29cm with 21*12cm pictures size.
If I need to reduce the focal length, I can use lenses in front of the projector (Macro Close Up Lens filter +1+2+4+10 for Nikon from aliexpress). For example with a +2 lens, I can get 20cm focal length with 15*8.5cm picture size.
How do you fit the lens ? do you have reference numbers i can look them up ?
I just purchased same projector and i would like to try
I took a 52mm ND filter, Removed the glass and epoxied it to the projector bezel. It had threading on both sides for compounding you filters so it worked.

As for the camera settings. I'm pretty much using the cameras the way they came from IS. I don't remember offhand changing any of the camera settings. Most of what I did was in the parameters of the graphics card. I have an AMD fire pro in my machine. The only parameter I can remember that made a big difference was setting the frame rate to 54fps.
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Re: Projector recommendations

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Micr0 wrote: 16 May 2019, 02:30
DenKor wrote: 14 May 2019, 08:28
Micr0 wrote: 13 May 2019, 20:49

I tried those macro lenses on my pf1500 too but found they introduced too much distortion to be useful. The error in calibration when way above acceptable values. What types of RMS values are you getting after calibrating with one of those lenses? Even still I found the 52mm adapter ring I mounted to the projector lens to be very useful for adding ND filters for scanning small objects. I like running the projector brightness in David at at least 200 as to have some range to dim and brighten during scanning to reduce hot spots.
I ordered a new camera on a chip imx265 and new 12 mm 5mpx c-mount lens and I'll try with them when they come. after the experiments will tell you the results.

In Russia, one person tried these lenses in front of the projector to scan coins.
CBDC081C-A1CF-41CA-BAE9-6D2836277203 (1).png
That's very good detail. Where the problems show up is when you try to align multiple scans. you will see that they don't completely align, with edges being more of a problem. Keep us posted.
I just tried a +2 lens. I still have not a very good 120mm calibration table with RMS=0,28. When I installed the lens and focused the system on this table my RMS=0.27. It's not perfect, but enough for most objects. Certainly, for a better result, I need a 30mm calibration table.
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Re: Projector recommendations

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I use an portable LED-DLP projector Byintek UFO R9 (without Android) purchased on Aliexpress (1280 * 800).
LED DLP Byintek UFO R9
LED DLP Byintek UFO R9
The minimum focusing distance is 110mm, while the projection size is about 50x80mm, at a distance of 350mm (shown in the photo) the projection size is 250x150mm
Distance - 350mm, projection size - 250x150mm
Distance - 350mm, projection size - 250x150mm
Soft: RangeVision DIY, Calibration panel/Rotary tables - RangeVision, Prj: Byintek UFO R9, Cam: Daheng Mercury MER-630-60U3M-L (USB3.0, monochrome) x2, Obj: ZLKC HM1628MP10 (F2.8, 10Mp, 16mm) x2 & Azure 3518M3M (F1.8, 3Mp, 35mm).
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