AAXA P7 Projector

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AAXA P7 Projector

Post by Micr0 »

https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/ ... ll_hd.html

I was able to get one of these yesterday to try out with David. I haven't scanned anything recently and my LG PF1500 has somehow wound up stuck to the ceiling in the living room projecting Netflix. I had a job come up scanning a transmission shifter drum so that the cam profiles could be reverse engineered. I took that opportunity to buy one of these projectors from a local store that offers no questions asked returns if I didn't like it. I had seen a display model of the AAXA P5 and had seen that it was able to produce a focused image that was very small. I though this would be good for scanning very small objects (60mm Cal panels). The 5 has been discontinued and replace by the P7 which is now full 1080HD but is physically larger.

Cut to the chase. This projector is great. The image can be easily made small enough to use the 80mm panels I'm making, and it is bright enough in a semi dark room to do 400mm+ parts. Without adjusting the frame (camera) or refresh rates the image was almost completely stable and flicker free. For the record the pixels are square and the window screen is very fine.

I did notice that the focus did change fairly quickly as you got away from the center meaning that you really need the part you are scanning to fit in the center of the image and there isn't a generous amount of depth of field to use. Also the focus adjustment on the camera is small and very stiff and only slight pressures moves the focus significantly, making is annoyingly difficult to finely focus the projector.

at $375US it is in MHO an excellent projector for scanning with David. I'll post a screen shot of one of the scans I did yesterday in the show your work forum.
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Re: AAXA P7 Projector

Post by mading »

Great news.
Thanks for sharing, and great scan as usual! :-)
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Re: AAXA P7 Projector

Post by martan »

Thanks! Nice review! :)
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