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iMetric ISCANL1 Dental Scanner - Can it be retrofit with HPScan?

Posted: 20 Oct 2021, 16:33
by Zeppelin1007
Hey guys,

Long time DAVID Laserscanner user. Stepped out to use EinScan SP for awhile. Finding myself with more and more jobs scanning smaller objects. (Jewelry, prototype/rare action figures)

At my local industrial surplus is an iMetric ISCANL1. This is a dental scanner, with the 4/5axis turntable. Does not come with any software. But from looking at the back of it, there is an HDMI input, and 2 usb outputs.

Has anyone here ever messed with one of these? I'm contemplating reaching out to iMetric, but, I doubt they'll be much help, nor will the scanning software be something I could afford. I havent used DAVID since v4, before HP bought them. Is it still possible to communicate with DAVID over serial port? Can I still use 3rd party cameras?

Way back in the day I had an entire automated laser scan setup + turntable. An arduino was the brains, and you could literally place an object on the turntable, go to my little control box, setup the steps per rotation, and just scan. Took time, but when done, everything was scanned and if i remember right aligned.

Im thinking, if HP David still has the same functionality, I might be able to completely ignore any software in this decommissioned scanner and repurpose it to talk to HP scan

Any thoughts?

Thanks guys!