3d scanners in help with frighting against covid 19

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3d scanners in help with frighting against covid 19

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Guys, to encourage you in this dark times I want to share you a collection of stories how 3d scanners had helper society against Covid 19:

The scanners was used to quickly replicate medical equipment by scanning and then printing it. As it happened to be a quite fast process this happened to be helpful in the situation of the luck of supply. Also 3d scanning helped to control the quality very fast. Unfortunately not all can be reproduced this way, but for critical need of expendables 3d technologies helped a lot.

The scanners was used to quicly make lot's of realistic dummies to train doctors. I'm not sure that such realism is really needed, but this is true that we had to train many doctors and quickly. My friend who is intern himself used such body. It was him who made me to find and read all this stories.

3d scanners was used to customise snorkelling masks to protect against Covid-19. Nothing to add, we all know how useful this is.

I took all this stories from one place, but I'm sure there are more than that, so I encourage you to share.
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