Reverse Engineering And Samples

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Re: Reverse Engineering And Samples

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NARMELLA wrote: 17 Jan 2018, 15:38
momentif wrote: 29 Dec 2017, 02:23 Hey Narmella!

Drunkmunky from David laser scan forums.

I'd like to inquire if Lets Scan V2.2 is the only one made available to us?
I recall there might have been a V2.3 issued for a short time before it was withdrawn from the internet?

Thank you sir.
So glad to see you here in this forum.

"LETS SCAN " is growing and is changing to a new scanning system with its own Scanning software and of course its own hardware.
Shortly ; you will hear about it here in this forum.

Good luck.
Thanks Narmella,

It is a shame that the David SLS forums have now been archived and privatized. I had hoped to learn a lot from you.

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Re: Reverse Engineering And Samples

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Hi, you done a nice work. Can you tell which device you used for making this die mold.
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