Help with scanning with David SLS-3

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Help with scanning with David SLS-3

Post by thanksleo888 » 13 Jan 2019, 23:42

Hi All,

New to this, I have a piece of a front guard I would like to scan.
I have started to scan the guard with David SLS-3 but the software is struggling to align the scan once its bigger that 250mm. I am using the 240mm calibration screen

The part size is 400mm by 500mm see the ruler in the photos for reference

Now for the noob question:

How can I scan this guard without getting alignment issues?

Do I need to adjust the Keystone on the projector to get a better scan area?

What would be the best orientation to scan such a part?

Would I need to scan both sides to get a solid model?

Scanner is David SLS-3 software 4.5.3

Thanks in advance

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