HP 3D scan and 4K cameras

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HP 3D scan and 4K cameras

Post by Shefajs » 11 Jun 2019, 14:08

I'm outraged with HP 3D scan software.

I can't make it to accept any of the 4K cameras or capture cards. Does anyone has it working???

On old David forum, there were a few people that had it working on David 4. Now it seems any support for high res input is almost gone.

I have a Panasonic GH4 as primary camera.

I then bought the Innogeni 4k2USB3 capure card to get the Panasonic high quality HDMI output in the computer. This works fine up till 1920x1080 where inogeni support for YUYV finish. All other formats HP 3D scan just do not support.

Then I bought Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4k capture card. And the story repeats but this time it's impossible to see any input in HP 3D scan. It seems that previous users got it working in David 4 with RGB24 video format which is not working in HP 3D scan.

Does ANYONE HERE have high resolution cameras working in HP 3D scan or David 5 ???

The best resolution I can get from my PointGrey camera which can compromise fps over resolution and accepts 3,2MP 2080x1552 pixels and does indeed support YUYV2 format.

Otherwise for HDMI in 4K there is only a few options left to try - Magwell capture cards claims to support 4K in YUY2 formats.

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Re: HP 3D scan and 4K cameras

Post by OBNRacerMan » 12 Aug 2019, 10:06

Hi. I use ordinary inexpensive UVC cameras that issue 25fps in resolution 2592x1944 (YUY2) and work via USB 3.0 (in resolution 1920x1080 they show 60fps (YUY2))
chinese YW500U3 Camera

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