Researching SLS

Write here about construction, ideas, equipment, tips n tricks etc. related to structured light scanning
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Researching SLS

Post by deadmeat30 » 21 Mar 2020, 03:12

Hello one and all.

New to the forum, and have arrived here from my searching the internet for information.

Im looking to try some SLS and think the David SLS (now HP) range seems a good option.

I would like to use this to scan in small objects around 30mm tall. I came across an interesting video on youtube about scanning with Macro lenses. ... uman-tooth

Now ive been looking at the options, and im weighting up on whether im better to go with an SLS-2 kit, or the SLS-3 kit (improved camera)? Also is it worth dual camera set up (in either configuration).

Lastly, the lenses listed on the article i cant find anywhere. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative to them? Have any users had much sucess scanning smaller items?

Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Researching SLS

Post by OBNRacerMan » 21 Mar 2020, 09:46

I use a 6.3MP camera, and it with a regular 12mm lens allows me to shoot fairly small objects due to its resolution (in fact, I can get the same result with a 2MP camera, bringing it closer to the object so that it occupies the entire frame on it).
General view before scanning
On the right you can see how much coin occupied the frame.
For my current setup, 16mm lenses would be more acceptable
P.S. I did not use a matting spray, because I do not have it, and dry shampoo has a too “grainy” structure, and removes small details on small objects.

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