DIY 3D SLS scanner

Which equipment do you use for 3D-scanning?
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DIY 3D SLS scanner

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Hello Friends!

My Name is Denis and I’m from Russia.

Three years ago I created a group chat in Telegram dedicated to the self-assembly of a 3D SLS scanner ( ). During this time the amount of users has increased significantly and we have acquired expertise in this field:

we have created various assemblies, ranging from budget-friendly ones for $150 and ending with high-end assemblies costing up to $2000, which can compete with industrial designs for $20000;

Reviewed various equipment, to find out which one is suited best for building a scanner

And finally, we learned how to reverse engineer using different kinds of software. Unfortunately we only publish our articles in Russian language and that is of course problematic. Foreigners who are interested in this subject are not able to understand it and those who were able to get the necessary information won’t share it with their english-speaking friends. And so we decided to fix this issue and translate all of our valuable information into English, so that you can use it and share it as well. We have a lot more information to share and it surely will take some time but hopefully you will find it very useful. Our goal is to spread the information about 3D scanners and make the whole 3D scanning process available to everyone worldwide.

We will analyze a large number of questions including:

how to build a budget-friendly or the most optimal scanner for your purpose at home?

Will it be possible to use DLSR cameras?

Which software is best for scanning, processing the results and reverse engineering?

How to properly prepare an object for scanning?

How to use modern technologies to create a mobile home: 3D scanning of a minivan,

projecting the interior design, CNC cutting and 3D printing

Furthermore we will:

Tell you about Range Vision, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to buy it at a discount with the help of our community;

Analyze a very interesting aspect of optics: is it worth overpaying for expensive brand lenses or can you just use cheap Chinese lenses for scanning?

Consider the topic of scanning in monochrome light (blue and green) and much more.

We have chosen the Patreon platform for our publications, because it will allow us to continue experimenting with new equipment, publishing new articles and translating them into English as well as in other languages.

Join, it will be interesting!
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Re: DIY 3D SLS scanner

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Being a reader ot the telegram chat (mostly in cirillic :-) ) I am happy to see you here.

Hope you and many member of you chat will start discussions in this forum too.
There are quite a few talented person here to discuss with.
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