Which processor for fast alignment and fuse operation?

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Which processor for fast alignment and fuse operation?

Post by erol » 29 Aug 2018, 21:10

Hi all.

I have dell m4800 workstation (i7 4800mq, 16gb ram, k2100m and 250gb ssd)it is running slowly in alignment and fuse operations. It takes about 1 minute when I try to align single scan to group scan

My questions.

1-Hp (david sls) how many CPU cores are used in the calculation.
2-Which is the most important single-core speed or multi-core speed.
3-Which one do you recommend Intell i7 processor or amd ryzen7 processor.

I think I should take it.

amd ryzen7 1800x, quadro video card and 16gb ram


i7 7700k, quadro video card and 16gb ram

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Re: Which processor for fast alignment and fuse operation?

Post by Micr0 » 30 Aug 2018, 14:34

I don't know that David is multi threading and can take advantage of multiple cores. I also can't speak to Davids compatibility with non Intel processors. However I have spec'ed a new workstation and have done so with an 8th gen i7 (can't justify an i9) and here's why. Many of the other 3D mesh apps I use really don't play nice with anything but an i7. I have a Xeon and an older AMD machine and I have crash and memory usage issues with those machines. Of those two the Xeon is better but I also use Artec Studio and it does not support anything but an i7/i5. It really doesn't like the Xeon and crashes constantly on the AMD machine. I haven't tried to debug any of this to see for myself where these crashes and errors are coming from, but have spoken to tech support guys from both Artec and Geomagic and have gotten more or less the same story. That said AMD is "supported" by Geomagic". The i7 based machine I have which is now 3 years old practically flies with David (scan capture and mesh alignment). I can only imagine what a current i7 machine with lots of ram could do.

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